Switchboard Site Works


Our highly experienced site team can carry out modifications to get your switchboards to scope – whether it be an existing Rappell switchboard or a competitor’s board. Be it adding devices or implementing a new control system, Rappell are able to meet your needs. 

When your switchboard hits capacity for outgoing devices, if possible Rappell engineers can create a solution to expand the number of outgoing devices fed from your incoming supply. This could be through a panel extension or bolt on boxes, whatever best suits your application and issue.

Rappell engineers can carry out servicing to extend the life of your panel, or breathe some life into an older panel. This can include functional testing and servicing of incoming and outgoing devices as well as general maintenance. By using torque testing bolts or using thermal imaging we can also help to identify loose connections or in the case of thermal imaging, identify areas of concern.

Rappell can assess damaged or out of use panels, and if suitable we can offer refurbishment – whether this is replacement busbars or the retrofit of upgraded devices.